From a friendship formed on the primary school oval, to the sticky soles of the mosh pit floor - the aptly named Redland Bay quartet are known for their cut through live performance - their best weapon leaving fans wanting more after every show. 

The Beddy Ray’s sound comes from their early punk roots from bonding over early Green Day, with their strong lyrical content and punchy melodies, throwing in some strong surfy riffs and catchy hooks, that can be likened to American rockers ‘Wavves’. Often slapped with ‘Aussie Catfish and the Bottlemen’ they have brought their own distinct blend of indie, punky, surf rock.

Recently returning home from Thailand after sharing a stage with the likes of Dune Rats, Hockey Dad and Verge Collection - then shooting straight into a Tones And I support tour later in the year, The Beddy Rays have managed to solidify not only their lifelong friendships, but also a community of fans that continues to spread throughout Australia and beyond. The band has proven themselves to be a powerhouse live act with wrecking ball momentum.

The boys’ mixed and recorded their new track with Brock Weston (Bugs), and have really brought out the wall of sound Beddy Rays are well known for. 

“This is a fantastic piece of Aussie punk rock that demands you to press play over and over again” - Nick Finlay, Music Director of Triple J

“Starts like a Living End classic, has a chorus Ball Park Music would admire, and an instrumental breakdown and ending that makes me think this band is the real deal”

 - Richard Kingsmill, Triple J


‘Sobercoaster’ is your weekend kick-off singalong, the soundtrack to your Friday afternoon - scrub up and give ‘em hell kid.

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Beddy Rays